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adidas eqt green camo

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adidas eqt green camo

adidas eqt cushion adv release of the year sees a bold “Turbo Red” color scheme elevate the classic looks of the iconic ’90s line. After previously getting a first look at the new colorways of the Primeknit-clad EQT Support ADV and EQT Support 93/17, the sportswear giant has lifted the veil on the remaining pairs of the pack which will be releasing on January 26. The EQT Support ADV, EQT Support Ultra and and EQT Support RF are also given the aggressive makeover comprised of black, white and red hues. Which one do you like best? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

The adidas eqt support adv pink model is turning 26 this year. In the sneaker world where a mere few weeks can determine irrelevancy, it’s rare that a silhouette of such seniority can stay afloat amidst all of the cutting-edge designs. This is perhaps especially true for the Three Stripes, which surged to the top of the sneaker landscape in the past few years thanks to new models such as BOOST and NMD.

Yet for 2017, adidas eqt black and white is turning the spotlight back on the storied EQT. For the launch of the new “Equipment” era, the Herzogenaurach brand has prepared an ambitious exhibition that documents the rich history of the iconic silhouette and its ceaseless evolution. Named the EQT Loft, the spacious venue is located in Berlin’s Mitte district, a fitting environment for a sneaker that first released immediately after the fall of the Berlin wall. The three-floor exposition showcases how the EQT’s progressive performance output became a symbol of change and new beginnings, ultimately sparking the arrival of adidas Originals.

First released in the early ‘90s, the adidas eqt green camo trainer had a strong connection to the Berlin Culture and became a symbol of change. Boasting only the essentials; the adidas EQT quickly became a performance staple. Joining a line of adidas Originals, like the Superstar and Stan Smith, the EQT is on par, not only in comfort but in classic street styling. Get back to the essentials by shopping our range of men’s and women’s trainers. Order before 10pm for Next Day UK Delivery.

The adidas eqt khaki womens Shoe features premium materials and a purposeful construction designed to carry its legacy into the future and stand out in a crowd. Its all-new pixel knit upper with a comfortable jersey lining creates a sock-like fit. A soft moulded TPU heel cage and stretchy TPU details on the sides deliver support, while an OrthoLite® sockliner enhances comfort. Its compression-moulded midsole with integrated 3 Stripes provides cushioning while showing off the shoe’s heritage, as a rubber outsole enables traction. The EQT signature webbing tape stripes extend the 3 Stripes from the midsole to the lacing, and the shoe bears the adidas Trefoil logo, marking it as one of the Originals.

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