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Best price guarantee and a vast selection!

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Best price guarantee and a vast selection!

Art Basel 2017 isn’t just the place where those new Jordan 1 colorways were dropping, it’s also a mixing of art and culture that can bring out unique new collaborations. One such collaboration was spotted on-feet at Art Basel 2017 in the form of a converse shoes outlet uk. KNOW WAVE is a cultural platform for musicians, artists and designers that also has its own clothing line that can be found at Dover St. Market. The collaboration that was seen integrates KNOW WAVE’s signature branding into the colored piping that wraps the all white shoe.

Carhartt WIP is the latest imprint given the chance to flex their collaborative muscles atop a Converse classic after the likes of UNDFTD, CLOT, and fragment design have all upped the ante for the legendary footwear brand. This teaming up comes through the premium yet limited Converse First String line as Carhartt brings their technical military-inspired fabrics ranging from canvas and ripstop nylon to the iconic converse chuck taylor all star uk. Highlighting the trio is a traditional tiger camouflage option paired with silver lace eyelets and red accents on the midsole. Other options include an off-white with gold hints and a simple tonal brown.

It’s been awhile since we last saw Missoni and Converse team up, and now the Italian knitwear specialists have created a brand new take on the converse womens shoes sale uk for a rainbow chevron pattern featuring an updated Lunarlon insole for extra cushion. The knit upper features a Multi-Color gradient while stark white leather accents contrast on the medial branding and midsole.

Leave it to Japanese fashion icon NEIGHBORHOOD to have a collaboration with adidas Originals and then turn around and team up with Nike imprint Converse for their next partnership. That’s just how far-reaching and influential they are. NEIGHBORHOOD’s next effort brings back two icons from the Converse catalog in the ever-relevant mens converse shoes uk sale and the streetwear-ready One Star 74, each redefined with motorcycle-inspired aesthetics.

The buy converse cons uk isn’t as red hot as it was a couple of years ago in terms of collaboration releases, but there are still some stray pairs here and there that get the x’ed out treatment. The latest is this Brazilian creation from the team at Cartel, which references the traditional basket weaving techniques of ingenious Brazilians. So far the only release info on them has to do with them showing up at that São Paulo store,

Converse reinvigorates the iconic converse jack purcell uk sale, with updated construction and cushioning. By now we’re used to the practice of updating classic silhouettes with new tech, but usually it comes with the shape and and/or materials being compromised. That’s not the case with the new Jack Purcell, as it retains its original look but gets slight modifications to improve the fit, ventilation, and cushioning. Perhaps the most appealing update, the Jack Purcell receives the addition of Nike’s Zoom Air cushioning in the heel and forefoot of the midsole, resulting in the most luxurious feeling iteration of the shoe ever.

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